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Welcome to the Small Business Owner’s Website presentation on online presence!

Do Small Business Owners Really Know What To Do When It Comes To Their Online Presence? (And Why They Should!)

Besides for having a stellar, functional website to impress friends and family, a small business owner must possess an ability to connect with the audience that he is striving to reach.

This presentation will be an overview of how online presence works. This presentation's purpose will not be to explain how to install or setup a website or any other medium that may be covered in this guide, although you may be able to garner some information on those subjects by sticking with me till the end of the guide!

Rather, the knowledge I am going to share will help teach small business owners, like yourself, including those that have no technical knowledge, how online presence works so that proper educated business decisions can be made. This of course is incredibly important!

Even if you hire a consultant or professional to set up your website or system, there will be numerous business decisions that you will need to make as a business owner.

Materials Presented

 In this guide, you will find a lot of information that consultants either don’t want you to know or don’t know themselves, so treat it as highly classified material but make sure to share it with your friends!

So why am I doing this? You might be asking yourself why I would choose to disclose all of this knowledge to you and what is the catch? Well to be very honest with you, as I always am, it is my hope that, if you decide we are a good fit and like the materials we are presenting to you, that you will hire us to do the work for you. And if you do, it will be easy to work with you because you already know your stuff from our series! This is a no obligation of course!

Our company looks to help businesses sell online through  their Magento e-Commerce platform, which is the most advanced open-source platform currently available for businesses who are looking to sell online products (this is why we like it so much!). We help by designing, developing, promoting and supporting businesses who use the Magento e-Commerce platform. Given that we have the capacity, knowledge and skill set that surpasses 95% of consultants and consultant companies’ out there, who themselves charge similar or higher fees, we ask a very reasonable fee of $100 / hr. It should be a no brainer if you are after quality and time saving. If these two things are important to you, time and quality, then hire us!

Our process includes analyzing your current business process, taking your Magento website and implementing it so that everything that comes with it is 100% Magento certified. This means that it’s going to work, it will work well and it will be secure!

Everything we will teach you in this course will be absolutely free. Enough about me though!

Website Purpose

So let’s ask our first question. This is the most important question to ask before you start doing anything! What is the purpose of the website for you? So why a website? You want a website out there with some pages that can be accessed 24/7 by anyone from anywhere in the world and you want to make sure it looks great. The reason being is because it is most often the first impression on your buyers/readers/visitors and you want to make that impression a very positive one!

So what are you offering on your website? You are offering information or products and services. With businesses it is usually both. Products plus information and services, so you need a website to show off your products, provide great information and describe your services!

Besides the website itself, you will need hosting that will be available 24/7 and an address so that people can find your website. You can take this address and put it on your business cards, put it on your letterheads and on your e-mails.

If you’re selling something online, you have to have a payment option. So this is where you have to know what the purpose of your website is, what you are trying to accomplish with it. Are you trying to show off your work, provide information or sell something online?

Website Timeline

 Now every website will have important milestones you will have to pass in order to come from the point of no website to the point of having a proper website. There are several steps here that you will have to complete:

  • You will need to find a domain which is your address.
  • You need to buy the domain.
  • You need to choose hosting.
  • Take a look at the cPanel, which is where you control hosting options (otherwise known as the back-end of a website).
  • You need to setup your professional e-mail.
  • You need to create a home page.
  • Create a blog.
  • Create a contact us page.

We will take this step by step and make sure you understand how it works. You won’t have to actually do this stuff yourself, but you will know what is going on.

Exclusive ContentExclusive Offer

I want to make an exclusive offer to you as a thank you for sticking till the end of this video. This exclusive offer (also free) is that we want to offer you even more free exclusive stuff which will only be accessed through the hidden pages on our website. We will e-mail you a link every time it comes out so please subscribe to this Exclusive Content mailing list where we will be showing you some really cool stuff! Most people and even consultants simply drop their jaws if they hear about this Exclusive Content that we want to teach to you. I showed a few partners, these are people that own their own consultant companies, and they thought it was really cool stuff. It helped them do their work and it’s going to help you!

And Here Is The Surprise Bonus EXERCISE!

It isn't the Exclusive stuff yet (to which you can sign up and receive links to hidden pages by email), but you can only get it here, on our blog page. No YouTube search will show you this exercise. And it rocks! Not just because its free, but because it will allow you to instantly (after completing the exercise, of course!) connect to your audience.

One question you will want to ask yourself right now: "who are those people that I am creating my website for? What do they want? Are they just looking for my email, physical address, phone number? Or do they need something entirely else? How can I describe them in terms of demographics? Where are they located? Their age? Are they entrepreneurs or work from home moms?

The following exercise will allow you to get inside of their head, to understand their emotions. Go ahead, get a pen and paper and play the next video!

And if you want me to reveal to you how to actually talk to your potential audience, ask them what they think and get your answers directly from them, then you must subscribe to the Exclusive Content stuff right NOW : )


There is yet another resource (100% free) that you must read, to avoid hugely costly mistakes, it is only available through this link:

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