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Is Your Domain Name Easy To Say?

Hey, is it really that important to be able to say your company name (and your website name) clearly so that people will effortlessly remember it?

Yes it is, and if you are still deciding on the brand image, and even if you already have your branding ideas lined up, I will still show you how to register a domain name for it ..But in a cool way.

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Website Name

The Domain Name

Today’s topic will center around the domain name and why you need it. As we’ve said in our last article,  we have important milestones that we have to pass from the point of having no website to the point of having a complete and functional website. Finding the domain name is the first step! The second step would be to buy it once you’ve found it!

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Domain Name = Website Name + Company Name

Here’s the thing. What’s a website name and how does it tie into your business? Well it’s very obvious. Your website name and your website address should be the same as your company name. Your domain name is your website name/website address/company name. This means that for every brand that you have, you might choose to have a new website name.

Now, your company name projects a certain image and carries a certain message and so you want your website name or address to carry the same message. This is where choosing a company name should be based in clarity, meaning it is clear and easy to understand what the company is about and what it does. It also must be easy to say, such as over the phone for example, so that people can hear it with ease.

If you had to direct somebody to your website over the phone but it’s very hard to pronounce the name of your website, then you end up spelling it out – C for Charlie, E for Echo, etc. You end up saying every letter rather than saying something that sounds familiar to people which is easier to understand.

The idea is to buy or decide on a website name, ideally done at the same time that you’re picking the company name. But if you already have a company name, you want to get a website that has the same name.

The Ins and Outs of Website Address Endings

There are different kinds of website addresses. There are some that end with “.com” and there are many other options out there that end with “.net”, “.ca”, dot whatever the locality and even “.solutions” actually. There are a lot of other endings to website addresses.

As of now, if people forget how your website name ends, it’s automatic that they are just going to type “.com”. Your website could be in “.ca” but they are going to type “.com” if they forget. Now if you have a competitor that has a “.com” - they are going to get all of your visitors due to this.

You want to avoid this! Some ways of avoiding this include:

  • Buying up other domain name endings: “.ca”, “.net”, and whatever else you want.
  • Make sure that you have “.com”.

If someone else has bought it already, you might be able to buy it from them, which I will show you how in a minute.

Your Company Brand + Consistent Internet Channels

Your company brand is something that is visible, not only on your website, but also on your social media channels, so you’re going to want to register the same or very similar handle on the social media channels. If you create a Facebook page, you’ll want to have “” so your entire brand is consistent across all channels.

It’s a bit tedious to go around and look for a consistent company name/website name on domain name registrars where you buy the domain names and include this on your social media channels. But you do it once and then you’ve got it.

How To Buy a Domain Name

You register an account in the main name registrar. This is where you can buy domain names or better known as website names. You would go to a website, such as namecheap for example, which is very easy to use and register an account. Once logged into your account, you can use their search bar function to find domain names. Type in “” and it will provide you with whether the domain name is available or not. You can then make an offer if the domain name is available, however not every domain name will be for sale.. Then there will be other options also given to you such as:  “.club”, “.online”, “.life”, “.world”, “.store”.

There’s a whole list of them and each one has a price. This price is what you pay per year so you shouldn’t be paying more than $10-20 per year. Some registrars like GoDaddy, give you your first year for a $1 to try and get a deal because they know you’re going to continue once you’re set up. The following year, the price will be between $10-20 which is the normal price range. You might buy it for 3-5 years which gives you more credibility in the long run as a business owner.

Now that is your address, it’s not necessarily where you keep your website files. A lot of registrars will offer hosting as well. This means that where you buy your website name, you could also potentially buy your hosting there and put your website files there. It doesn’t have to be that way though as you can buy hosting from one place and your website address from a different place. If you buy them from different places, you must connect them.

Connecting Your Website Address to Your Website Host Provider    

Every hosting provider would have an IP address which consists of numbers ( – example). Now if you bought your domain name from a different place, you would go to where you bought your domain name (the domain name registrar) and you would connect your address ( to this IP address, which is the location of your website files.

Sub Domain Names!

Once this is done, you could add in sub domains if you wanted. A sub domain is “”.  These sub domains could point completely elsewhere if you wanted them to.

This is just a quick overview of what you can do with names. You could get one name, add in some sub domains and have them point to other places such as your client management program, your accounting or any other software or additional websites. But you will only pay once for the main domain name.

A quick video showing you how to register your domain name

This video will freak you out! It's all about your PRIVACY!

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