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When a high-end scalable solution is needed for e-commerce, choosing to opt for an open source development is the best option. It is a three-tiered software platform that caters as a complete solution for websites that want to sell online, coming in free of any cost. Plus, websites created based on Magento software cost less than that of other websites.

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We at Methodical Solutions help clients with the complex process of developing e-commerce websites. With our experience, we make sure that the process of creation is a smooth one. This includes a seamless transition when changes need to be made. We have a Magento certified team of programmers and business analysts that provide professional advice to clients who want to take a different approach to website creation. Our emphasis is on contact and communication between our developers and you, our clients. Our clear communication ensures that all clients have a clean insight into our web development process.

Flexibility is another important attribute of our Magento development services. Regular evaluation of project creation confirms that website development process is complete within given deadlines.

With our expertise and knowledge in the graphic design industry, we can provide your business with unique layouts, illustrations and graphics that will state your message clearly and effectively. We create all original pieces and then tailor them to your website needs. We use innovation, creativity and the perfect balance between imagery, text and white space in our designs to create a website that pulls in visitors through effective communication. We want to reflect your firm’s strong identity and branding throughout your website.

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We use cutting edge technology and advanced tools to create your unique designs with customer satisfaction at the forefront of your services! We find the target audience, design graphic concepts, find a suitable layout and color palette and then make your website come to life! All of our work is done with high quality services!

We create professional, clean and sharp website designs that are flexible in nature for future updates, and are extremely easy to maintain. We customize the website to fit your business needs to ensure that your business goals are met above and beyond your previous expectations!

We offer a reputable web hosting service with various hosting package options. In order for your website to be live (and seen by the world wide web), it must be hosted on a web server with a web hosting package. The web hosting package dictates what services your website has access to. Once you have this, your website can be created and published for the world to see.

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We ensure that there will always be a 99.9% up time on your website! In addition to this, we have the latest technology installed on our servers to ensure that all safety protocols are effectively running. We support plenty of software options including: Joomla, Drupal, Magento and WordPress alongside features such as e-mail and FTP (another way to access your website's files)! With all of this great software and around the clock technical service, we can’t be beat.

Our experts understand that a website must be appealing to the eye, but be easy to navigate and manage. We custom create all logos, layouts and graphics so that each interlock with one another to create a seamless business message. E-commerce is kept in mind and we make sure every website is flexible. We have received many accolades for our business packages, and look to provide excellent customer satisfaction!

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With our knowledge in web design we can create a new and innovative look for your business or create a website proposal on a pre-existing idea. We make sure our designs are affordable, flexible and effortless to maintain. We want you to focus on your business without worrying about hiccups along the way.

We create professional, clean and sharp website designs that are flexible in nature for future updates, and are extremely easy to maintain. We customize the website to fit your business needs to ensure that your business goals are met above and beyond your previous expectations!

The Right Tools for the Right Solution. Every Time.


The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

We believe that we work not only with our clients’ needs in mind but also with their customers’ needs in mind. In order to successfully design and implement business strategies, both of these areas need to be in focus. We are of the firm belief that Magento is the tool that helps businesses attract, retain and grow a profitable customer base, while maintaining long term client relationships.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Our Magento development team can handle all types of projects, from simple installations for smaller businesses to fully customized e-commerce solutions for large brands. All projects come with fluid, seamless and smooth integration, design and development. Plus, with ongoing support, the right solutions are always within reach.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Our development packages do all the heavy lifting for you. From hosting selection and server setup, to fresh and unique designs, to functionality and marketing tools, we ensure that your website is fine-tuned to offer the best possible experience to your customers. This means that data migration, custom design coding, SEO-friendly optimization, usability and conversion metrics are all included!

Avenues to Help Your Business Excel

Cater to all those who visit your website by making it mobile device friendly! Now, whether they are shopping from the commuter train, reading your blog on their laptop or are checking your latest news on their cellphone feed, you will be able to impact everyone who visits your website; equaling better conversion rates.

We offer fast web server hosting, ensuring that no matter where your customers are in the world, they will be able to load your website within seconds. This means instant access to all of your websites features and happy customers (no one likes waiting)!

We offer custom coding and custom design with our Magento Development. Meaning, your website will always be unique, bringing a fresh face to the world wide web. What makes this feature of our web development team future proof, is that we can seamlessly make any changes to a custom code. No more traditional templates and no more getting stuck with a development team that charges outlandish rates for changes to unique designs!

Our web store designs are tailored to unique workflows with plenty of features, including quick ordering, sales metrics and flexible pricing structures. Our packages ensure that your website is appealing in design but robust in e-commerce solutions.

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